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Bug drops Sitelinks Searchbox from Google Search Results

Abou Bakar   •   September 30, 2017


bug in Google Search engine has wiped out a search feature that allows searchers to search within a specific website from the Google search result snippets. This best feature was launched three years ago, and it is officially called a Sitelinks Searchbox by the Google, where Google Search engine will show a search box directly within a search result snippet, allowing the searcher to restrict their search results to pages within the specifics website listed.

Here is what it looked like on a search for “Pinterest” when this feature was launched.

Sitelinks Searchbox

Now, the Sitelinks Searchbox is no longer showing, at least temporarily. RankRanger caught the feature dropping out of Google globally a couple of days ago.

Google Search engine is working on it, but there is no estimated timeline for a fix to be rolled out.

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