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5 Best Ways to Promote Your Website

Abou Bakar   •   August 23, 2017

Website promotion
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oogle, Yahoo, Bing etc. are quite famous search engines. Almost every website owner wants their website to appear in these search engines. Although it takes time and money, a lot of effort too in order to make your presence prominent in this competitive world. If we talk specifically about free search engine then here are a couple of tips which you should be following, in order to promote your website for free, fast and reliable way.

Submit Your Website URL to Google

google index

Website index’ is quite a famous term being used online. This means that amongst the million other websites one need to ‘submit their website to Google’ and get it index in a super easy way. Now, in order to do that, you will be required to follow a couple of steps. 

  1. Open, now write the name of your domain in search box appearing over there. 
  2. Type the exact index description. For example, if we talk about the real estate WordPress, WordPress Real estate, real estate theme etc. then you need to use a particular word in this reference. 
  3. Don’t forget to index your domain name. 
  4.  In some cases, websites are indexed already. If a website is going to be an index for the first time, then it will take around three weeks to be resubmitted.

The Best Free Yahoo Directory

Yahoo Directory

Yahoo is not a famous directory as compared to Google, but it is still considered best amongst others. It has quick, easy and fast options to submit a website. 

Just like in Google Search engine , you should check to see if your business website is already in the Yahoo Search Engine ! index. If your site is listed you do not need to resubmit. However, if your site is not found make sure to add your site to Yahoo!, rechecking in a few weeks to make sure it has been indexed.

Domain Name with Email Signature

This is important that one should focus on adding the signatures over the top of their domain name. Whether they are related to the every type of business or product , all of them will get an equal attention in form of the email signature. 

  1. Adding an email signature to gmail
  2. Adding an email signature to outlook express
  3. Adding an email signature to outlook
  4. Adding an email signature to entourage
  5. Adding a HTML signature to Mac’s Mail

Never Underestimate the Results of Yellow Pages

Results of Yellow Pages

A free listing of a website option is being provided by yellow pages. It normally stays active for 12 months. One can promote their website easily through this method. Moreover, it is a free and fast option.

Take Advantage of Google Local Business.

Google business listing

The term ‘Google Local Business’ is quite famous. It is considered as an important option to submit the website links of a local business. It is a great option to gain some organic searches. 

All of the above five methods are a great source of promoting one’s website for free. These are fast and reliable ways. They are considered as the positive approach, which helps in not only indexing the website in a proper way but it helps in giving a true and accurate exposure to any website. Sometimes, search engine optimization becomes important. Not only to gain the organic traffic but to help oneself in promoting to the right audience in a strategic way. Thus, if you haven’t tried these then you should get your website index today.

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