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Five Ways to Improve your Business Website’s Ranking (Search Engine Optimization)

Abou Bakar   •   September 7, 2017


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usiness websites need to be focused more on the right keywords and strategies. This is the only source of gaining a strong audience. Along with that, it could help in improving the ranking of a website in different search engines and increase the number of sales which a website does. There are five important ways to do some improvements. 

Public Quality Content

1: Focused Public Quality Content

Quality content and focused keywords are the main tools which are required to maintain a reputation of a website. Using a number of keywords, bold and italics could be helpful in gaining attention to a specific topic. On the other end, repeating it too many times could make your audience feel annoyed and push them to leave your page. 

Update of Content

2: Continuous Update of Content

Yahoo is not a famous directory as compared to Google, but it is still considered best amongst others. It has quick, easy and fast options to submit a website. 

Just like in Google Search engine , you should check to see if your business website is already in the Yahoo Search Engine ! index. If your site is listed you do not need to resubmit. However, if your site is not found make sure to add your site to Yahoo!, rechecking in a few weeks to make sure it has been indexed.

Use Metadata

3: Use Metadata in A Professional Way

Every website is designed with the metadata in order to provide the right information to their audience. There is different type of metadata i.e. 

  • Title Metadata

The page title needs to be displayed all the time, in order for the readers to understand what a particular information is all about. In simple words, you can say that the ‘title meta data is a properly designed automated system’ which helps in gaining the attention of a website audience.

  • Description Metadata

The second type of metadata being used on a website is the ‘description metadata’. It is a kind of the textual description. The best thing about it is that the browser uses this data in order to do the ‘page search return’.

It is always being said that the description metadata should be;

  • Appealing

  • Related to Your Website Content or services

  • Concise

  • Truly encouraging for your audience to spend their quality time

  • Keyword Metadata

The search phrases which are being used by the people around the world, in the browsers or search engines is known as the ‘keywords’. They are the biggest assets. These keywords help in finding your page in a quick and simple way. It is always considered to use a professional approach and 2% density of keywords.

Creating Relevant Links

4: Creating Relevant Links

There is a need of creating relevant links. For example, if you want your page visitor to move to another page then wiring ‘Click here’ might not be that appealing. Either, if it is about every type of business or CMS system etc. then you can add their name in the description and then create a destination link. It will be helpful in improving the SEO results. 

Using the alt tags

5: Using the alt tags

The ‘alt tags’ are a great source of gaining traffic on visual or video media. It helps the search engine to find the right search results for the audience. Thus, in order to improve the ranking of your website you need to use the content which is related to the visuals. It will be helpful in giving a good impression of the website. Along with that, the visitor will stay longer and spend some quality time in gaining some information from a particular website. 

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