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Pros, Cons: SEO vs. PPC

Abou Bakar   •   July 2, 2017


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oth are important at the positions but for business marketing strategy we need to see the potential clients who are targeted by your campaign. If SEO takes more time, PPC generates quick results but it is costly and timely. So the best method to apply either PPC or SEO you must be acknowledged with the changing situation of the market.

This article will comprehensively elaborate the plus and minus about SEO and PPC. We shall try to elaborate both with detail and will suggest you which one is more important in which scenario.

SEO: Good for Organic Traffic

Awareness: with the help of your selected keywords you can make your web page visible to your audience on the main pages of different search engines for example after optimization of your website it can be visible on google first page. Visibility on google first page is as effective as an advertisement.

Branding:  Your web page is visible on google top page and your selected keywords are searched for commercial and research purposes than visitor will buy your product and once your product gets the trust it will become a brand.

Credibility and trust: when you optimize your keywords and land on the google page and stays for some time; you keywords searched again and again and audiences see your web again on the top page, this may lead to buying your product. You have developed your credibility and established a trustworthy appearance. On the other hand, many people don’t bother to click on the ads hanging on the web pages. These ads disappear after some time but due to your optimized keywords, your web page remains at the top on a google search.

Motivation for web traffic: All those users who visit your web page will get information about your product and services. You can motivate your visitors and maybe they will buy you product later. But to stay on the top searches on any search engine is itself a branding and it is a long-term marketing strategy. If the traffic on your web page getting the right information that will be profitable for your business.

Free of Cost: If someone searches for a word and in search results, he finds your website, any click or impression on your web page is absolutely free. Either someone clicks one time or thousands of times it will not cost you. The only cost you have paid is an SEO expert.

Payback: SEO is a calm and steady process. It tests you nerves much time but you have to be patient. It takes the time to bring your web on the top searches but once it established it will pay you back to a satisfactory level. However, SEO works for your branding in the same cost. SEO doesn’t show you quick results as PPC but according to your business strategy SEO returns your investment at the same level.

Sustainability: as we know that competition in the market is quite tough, no one dares to leave a room for other to occupy. To keep yourself on the top searches you have to find and optimize more effective keywords. As long as you stop paying for PPC, ads on your web pages of your targeted audiences disappear. But this doesn’t happen with SEO it stays longer than PPC.

Click ratio for SEO: it has been observed that SEO results get more clicks than costly PPC results. For this, you need to establish a strong SEO campaign. It will cost you less than the PPC but it needs your very careful attention consistently.

Maximize clicks: SEO listing is enough to get traffic on your page but to get more results you must have listings in PPC and SEO campaigns. Advertisement through PPC and organic traffic will maximize your clicks.

Scope: market trends and needs are changing every day. People use to search for new words and if you want to maintain your visibility, you should update your keywords listings and optimize regularly. This is good for your sustainability and it will also not give chance to your competitors to occupy your space.

SEO: Market Strategy

As we have discussed earlier that organic visibility requires time and patience. Market dynamic are changing with each passing day. This is an open market in which a small business to Amazon and Alibaba, they are trying to maintain their organic visibility for every moment. If these big giants are already using your selected keywords then despite your efforts you should not come forwards to compete them. You should establish and revise your strategy. Your organic visibility on top searches will come after your hours of sweating and deliberations.

Marketing strategy from business to business vary. If traffic comes on your pages then your landing page should be so attractive, informative and have the ability to entertain the visitor to this level that visitor should buy your product.

PPC: quick solution or sale

Organic results are quite different from PPC generated results and ads. The size of your business and the product you are going to sell is important for running the PPC campaign. This paid visibility cost you per click or impression. PPC is a quick way for returning of the investment. Unlike SEO it does not need a long time to reach top searches.

Position in search: Paid searches always visible at the top of the search engine pages right above the organically driven the top pages. Most of the time users click on the top one search which is an Ad, hanged up by PPC campaign. So due to top position its visibility is more than the organic results and chance of more clicks.


PPC Rank

Dominating paid content: Paid content always visible on top search pages with extra margin and details, for example, direct call listing, locations of your business, your website links, the price of your product in your local currency and your search word results in bullet points. In this way, your paid content dominate the below folded organic content.

Product visually:  Paid ads in websites get the prominent space and first look of the user always pin on the right or left listing ads. Those ads are designed with beautiful eye catching colors. There is more important feature for listing paid content is the visual shopping ads. When a user searches for any product to buy google display the picture and other features of the product on the top. This is the quick guiding method to the user. You user don’t bother to open up an organic link below. He clicks on the desired product and buys it.

Product Visibility

Brand visibility:  PPC has an ultra-smart feature which makes it more target oriented. Your PPC ads only visible to the right users. Those users who are searching a product and you are selling the exactly same product then google will show your product which will be visible as an ad.

Investment: PPC is a paid campaign so you have to decide according to your product and market. Whether you are going to run your PPC campaign daily or on specific times and occasions.

PPC is more effective as for as the targeted audience is a concern. This is the very smart way in which google track your searches, languages, region, day, time and many other factors which help to target the exactly relevant audiences.

 Vigilant: as compared to organic campaign PPC took very short time to show results. PPC run web pages become visible as ads on google top pages and especially to target audiences. PPC is a very quick and rapid process which can be performed in days and weeks.

A/B testing: with the help of PPC we run a pilot project to test the scope of the campaign. For example, we develop different landing pages and check the response of the audiences. Another thing which we can perform is that we can add call button which will give us best results where should the ad be posted on the targeted page.


The answer to this question is not as such simple but we shall try to explain before that SEO and PPC both are necessary for your digital marketing. But here I would like to add two simple opinions.

  1. If you have a small enterprise then you should not worry about the PPC campaigns. You can just depend on SEO and it will give you enough traffic that your local user will easily approach you.
  2. But, if you are doing your business at large scale then you should go for PPC because you will have the margin to invest for PPC and you can actively get your clients.


  1. For greater results and for more audiences, you have to take help from both SEO and PPC. We are going to write few set of patterns which support this argument that both PPC and SEO are good for greater outcomes.
  2. Keywords from PPC can be used for organic results.
  3. More valuable keywords can increase the number of traffic which is driven by both SEO and PPC.
  4. Landing pages from A/B testing can be used for organic results as well.
  5. SEO strategy is a long term process, so before going to launch this PPC can help you the value of the Keywords.
  6. For branding and trust building of the audiences, you need to run both paid and organic.
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