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How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress (Step by Step)?

Abou Bakar   •  October 2, 2017

Facebook Instant Articles

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here is a new trend of Facebook instant articles going on. A lot of people are looking into adding it their website. Whether you talk about the WordPress themes , real estate theme , it is a great source of gaining traffic and content to one’s website.

The instant article is basically a 10-time faster way of showing the normal web page to its viewers. People who use mobile get more benefited. Hundreds of popular websites like Mashable, Indeed, Buzz Feed etc. are using this approach. This is a great way of monetizing and sharing your content. Besides the benefits, the only thing which is considered as a negative point of using the instant article on Facebook is that the users are not able to see sidebar.

 Facebook instant articles account setting up 

  1. You need to have a Facebook fan page for your website.
  2.  Setup your own Facebook app. In order to create a new Facebook app, you need to go the main website of ‘Facebook for developers’. You will see a quick app wizard for setting up the Facebook app id. You need to provide email and category. Along with that, you will be required to add a little bit information about the website. You can choose the styling and branding of your instant articles through it.
  3. There should be at least 10 articles on your website.
  4. The instant articles on hand so you can use them in WP Plugin.

Next step is to go the Facebook instant articles‘ website and signup.

Instant Articles - 2

There you will be provided with the option to select page. That’s it ! After agreeing to the terms and conditions you are all done. 

facebook instant-3

At the end, you will be provided with the access to ‘Instant Articles Tools’.One need to provide the URL of their website i.e. claiming the ownership. 

facebook instant-4

In return, a code snippet is being provided to the Facebook user. You can add this code in the  section of your website. This can be done either with the help of header. php file or header plugin.

facebook instant-5

Switch back to the publisher tool section which you will find on your Facebook page. Claim the URL.

facebook instant-6

After that, you need to sort out the RSS feed of a particular website. This is the best approach to generating the instant article feed of your site. Copy the URL and paste it in the publishing tool section of your Facebook page

facebook instant- 7

When your feed will be added successfully then you will receive a confirmation message on your screen mentioning it.

Thus setting it up is not a difficult task. The only thing which is required is monetization and good observation i.e. the instant article which you have setup for WordPress themes or the real estate theme or the real estate WordPress is actually according to the standard or not. This is necessary or else the viewer might lose the interest in reading the instant article. This is considered as an important approach in getting traffic and viewers to your website through the help of social media.

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