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5 Problems Everyone Has with Word Press theme – How to Solved Them

Abou Bakar   •   Dec 28, 2017


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ordpress Themes are considered as the most commonly used themes. It has a simple dashboard and an easy content management system to handle. For this reason, everyone prefers to use it. On the other end, there are some problems being faced by people. These are common problems so let’s have a quick overview on them.

1. Missing Style sheet:

When you are installing a theme and get a message ‘the package could not be installed’ then the user of a particular theme gets quite upset. His first thoughts go to the developer that he didn’t provide me with the complete file package.

Moreover, a CSS style sheet missing error is being observed which straight forward gives an indication that the ‘root theme folder’ is not being uploaded.

How to fix this error ?

In order to fix this error, you need to find the exact folder. After that, check files. If you cannot find it, then it is certain that you need to check ‘sib-directory’ as the file will be there.

2. Error of ‘Failed To Import Dummy Data:

When a ‘dummy data’ is imported meanwhile using a ‘.xml’ the file then there might be an error of importing.

How to Fix This Error ?

Normally ‘data import’ error occurs due to two reasons. First, the uploading of the post had an error. For this one need to activate the theme and then check whether the particular theme is including custom posts. If not, then theme developer can help in this perspective. Secondly, an error of ‘media import’ error occurs and it need to be handled with a text editor and locate files easily.

3. My Homepage & Demo Page Are Totally Different:

Sometimes, one need to setup the home page exactly same like the demo page. In some cases, it doesn’t happen.

How to Fix It ?

In order to fix this error, a person can use two ways. a) Use the custom page template or create a page template. Both can be helpful in setting up a static page option. b) Sometimes homepage doesn’t require a page template. You can simply go to the ‘Settings’ and then ‘Reading’. Now choose ‘Front page displays’ and that’s it. Now you can see the home page just like the demo page.

Homepage Display Error Solution 1 – Reading settings are wrong :

Homepage Display Error Solution 2 – You need to use a homepage template :

4. Ugly and Long URLS:

If we talk about a custom URL structure, then they are very long. They are not SEO friendly. They look ugly and zero percent professional.

How to Fix It ?

In order to fix this error, one need to go to Settings>Permalinks . You will see six different options in ‘common settings’ here you change your setting to the “Post Name” It will look suitable and search engine friendly too.

Ugly URLs Error Solution:

5. 404 Error:

There are posts which show a ‘404 error page’. This might be due to an issue with the ‘permalink’. It is considered as a normal error which occurs with the installation of every new theme.

How to Fix This Issue ?

In order to fix this issue, one need to go to Settings >Permalinks. After that, save it and that’s it. Sometimes it happens that this doesn’t work properly and user needs to update the ‘.ht access’ file manually.

Warning sign: Cannot modify header information- header already sent:

This is a typical error sign. It shows that there is a problem occurring with the stray characters. Many of these characters are not visible. In order to find the exact problem, one need to go through the particular file which is generating the error.

How to Fix This Issue ?

In order to resolve it you can have two typical options;

  1. a) You can replace the file with its backup copy. It’s easy and a quick fix.
  1. b) The second option is to download the file (which is causing a problem). Open it in ‘editing program’. If you want then you can use ‘notepad’ program for this purpose. It will save the file from an insertion of hidden characters.
  1. Downloadwp-config.phpvia FTP and Open wp-config.php to edit.
  1. Remove Spaces from Top ofwp-config.php:

     3. Remove Spaces from bottom of wp-config.php:

4. Save wp-config.php file and upload it to server again.

WordPress Backup Files Are Too Large In Size:

It is important to create backups after every short interval of time. In order to stay on the safe side, one should have multiple copies of backup. 

How to fix this error ?

1) One thing which you need to consider is that ‘many plugins generate unnecessary data which is not required by the system’. You should consider it and meanwhile doing the backup you should only consider the data which is important for your blog or website. 

 2) Moreover, images require a lot of space. The gallery section needs to be maintained by keeping only those images which are required and delete the old images.
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