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5 Reliable Sources to Learn About Responsive WordPress Theme

Abou Bakar   •  October 24, 2017

Reliable Sources to Learn


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ordPress is a part of professional content management. People who want to build customized blogs with or without knowledge of code can easily use WordPress. It’s an open source platform. People of various skills level can create or build a website through it. Nowadays, there is a ‘responsive WordPress theme’ feature which has become quite popular amongst the audience. It is basically a flexible foundation. It is based on the fluid grid system which is helpful in adapting the website on any android, OS or another mobile device. It easily gets fixed in any browser size. None kind of disturbance is made in the structure of the website. Moreover, if a website is ‘responsive’ then there is no need to use any plugins or make mobile sites.

Why Learn WordPress ?

WordPress is the most popular open source content management system in the world. That’s a fancy of saying it allows you to build great websites for you business, blogs, and portfolio.

About 22 percent of all websites are powered by WordPress. It generates thousands of job opportunities around the world, and there are millions of websites making money using WordPress.

How to Learn WordPress ?

In order to learn about a WordPress , there are different platforms available for Learn WordPress. In this article, you can learn about five reliable sources through which you can learn about it easily.

  1. Official WordPress Website:This is a good resource where one could go through the lessons either in written or video form. Different lingo which is associated with a web page is explained properly, which is helpful in understanding blogging world.
  2. Lynda:A famous website which offers hundreds of courses for learners. All the topics related to a responsive website can be found here. Whether you prefer reading or you are a hearing impaired, in both cases video courses are the best option.
  3. WordPress Codex:  It is an authoritative resource which is helpful in creating WordPress website.  It helps in understanding the technical elements related to a responsive website.
  4. WP 101:It offers multiple video tutorials or tuts which are a fast way of learning about a responsive website. Not only is that, with every update of WordPress a lot of new content provided so that users can stay updated.
  5. Smashing Magazine:The open source technology is changing every day. That’s why smashing magazine provides smart and creative learning to its readers about the responsive theme.

All of these websites are a great resource for learning about the WordPress . Whether one is a new user of WordPress or an old user, the only thing is to stay updated with its features. If one will keep on learning about responsive websites, then they would be able to reach an audience on their small or big devices.

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